About Andrew

Thank you for visiting Perfect Panes PDX. Learn more about owner/operator Andrew Zellers:

What are your goals?

First and foremost, to serve people. To see every client as my boss and to work hard to make my boss look and feel as great as possible. Beyond that, my hope is to build a business that can support my beautiful wife and I starting a family in the near future. Know that you are truly supporting a local business owner when you use Perfect Panes PDX.

Why window cleaning?

I started cleaning windows for an established professional window cleaning company in the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer of 2005. While I didn’t realize it initially, I soon learned how much I appreciated bringing a personal service to home and business owners alike. I felt the joy and reward of transforming windows back to their former glory in my labor. Unlike many feelings, the sheer delight I felt in doing/seeing a job done well has not fleeted over the past 8 years.

Why trust Perfect Panes PDX?

After spending years transforming homes and businesses in California, I moved to Portland, OR to pursue my education. As most do, I quickly fell in love with Portland and its people. My time away from window cleaning while at college has lead to greater personal character, discipline, and conviction. With years of knowledge and experience attained through window cleaning in the Bay Area combined with the integrity, honesty, and hard work gained through college, I’m now able to provide a quality service to the greater Portland area.